our eichler by night

Big things are happening over here.  Last week, I grabbed my camera one evening to take some pictures of our place after dark.   To capture the calm before the storm, if you will.


eichler living room at night



We're in the process of having our house repainted and I am suuuuuper excited.  One huge change is that the beams are going to be white (eek!)  I think I'll miss them, and am telling myself I can always paint them back in case of crushing regret.  And there's no time like the present to try new things.

So, I'm considering this post as a send-off to our current colours.  They've been very cozy and warm, and now it's time to brighten things up.

I realize I've been a bad blogger lately, but yes, yes, I promise I'll be back with more once the work is done.  You'll be pleased to know that our house is currently sporting an African mud cloth pattern, with random white stripes of primer over the old dark brown.  Everywhere.  Maybe I'll save a process shot or two.

All photos by Karolina Buchner

living wall update

living wall

Hi friends, just a quickie here.  I recently hosted a night of crafting for a couple of close friends, during which this picture was oh so surreptitiously snapped.

That's our living wall, which we love very much.  Looking at this picture, I realized just how much it has filled in and spread out in the last year.

Here's the wall when we first installed it last August:

living wall

Nuts, right?  Those plants were teeny tiny!  I love the crazy, drape-y growth we have going now.

So yes, it's still attached to our house, it's still alive, and we're all still very happy together.  If you're interested in details of our installation, check out my post all about it.

That's all for now.  I'm having a busy summer, in all kinds of good ways.  You?

Top photo courtesy of Miss Jennie Oh

eichler spotting: willow glen

I've been up to a lot lately, but not a lot of blogging it seems.  I managed to grab my camera on an early morning walk this weekend, so I can give you a peek at another one of the Eichler tracts near where we live.

You can find these Eichlers in San Jose, along Dumbarton Avenue, Comstock Lane, Hudson Drive, Raleigh Drive, and Frobisher Way.  I'm not sure what this particular tract is called, as it seems to possibly be an extension of our own Fairglen tract.

The tract is small, just about sixty houses completed in 1962, whereas ours is around 250 houses.  It's cozy and has its own distinct feel.

The models built as part of this tract are much different from ours in some surprising ways.  One is that many of them have cinder block walls as part of their facade.  I love this style since it always takes me back to Palm Springs and the Racquet Club Estates in particular.  Cinder block paired with a flat top Eichler?  Swoon.

This house with the funky stone is one of my guilty pleasures.  It's a bit on the 70s side rather than mid-century.  I can't help but picture a Jonathan Adler-style party house on the other side of those double doors.

I'm keeping an eye out for paint colours lately and found lots of nice muted tones here.  And these great pops of colour too:

It's a varied neighbourhood, as Eichler tracts usually are.  Lots of flat top models, peaked roof atrium models, little semi-courtyard three-bedroom models (one of which a friend from work just snapped up!), and the inevitable second story additions.  And there are plenty of beautiful old trees to make it feel homey and lush.

If you'd like to take a tour, you can find these houses just south of Curtner Avenue where it intersects Meridian, in the Willow Glen area of San Jose.

All photos by Karolina Buchner

the great home improvement snowball effect

Now that we've sorted our closet door situation, I'm back to considering some significant changes we want to make to the house.  When we bought the place, we figured we'd be good for the next five years or so before doing anything big.  Rookie homeowner mistake.  We're such optimists.

Last year our backyard gate fall apart.  We mended it and it's now functional, but should ultimately be replaced.  Now, we figure if we're replacing the gate, probably we should do the fence while we're at it.  And upon closer inspection the fence really does need help!  Change the fence?  Maybe fix up parts of the yard too.  Fix up the yard?  Probably also the siding, so it doesn't detract from the landscaping.  Change the siding?  Well, then maybe it's time for new house colours.  And in an Eichler, that means painting both exterior and interior at the same time.

I give you:  The Great Home Improvement Snowball Effect.

Let's take some deep breaths.  Better.

Some of you may be wondering why I was painting things white lately, and this is it.  We've arrived at a point where we may be changing a lot of things.  The one I'm currently pondering is the colour situation.

It's not all stress-induced however.  Thanks to my work sabbatical, I'm feeling a lot of love for California lately and especially for the light we get down here.  This is all helping me focus on what I want conceptually for our house:  I want it to feel like we live in California.  Bright.  Not too serious.  Connected to nature.

These interiors are inspiring me lately, and I thought I'd share.

The gorgeous LA living room of Emily Henderson

Ocean-blue colours and perfect burlwood table at Smitten Studio

Quintessential California house tour by Cup Of Jo -- check out those white beams!
(In fact, check out the whole house tour, it's so spot-on.  Later.)

Fresh and eclectic living space in Melbourne, Australia via The Design Files

Living room with a healthy dose of colour and art featured in Inside Out magazine

Perfect vintage Danish sofas and citrus-y colours in a Californian midcentury home via Dwell

White + lots of texture (reminds me of the Parker Palm Springs) via Golden White Decor

For now, I'm going to try and nail down a colour scheme for our house.  Maybe just a shade of white to start.  Small steps.  And we'll get to that broken gate eventually.

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